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Fragrant Flowers from Seed
by Diane Linsley

What are the most fragrant flower seeds?

One of the great pleasures in life is enjoying the sweet fragrance of a flower in your own garden. There's no perfume in the world to compare with the warm, sun-kissed fragrance created by nature.

Plant fragrant flowers close to paths so you can enjoy them as you walk by. Some plants have fragrant leaves, which are fun to rub. I have a potted herb garden by my front door. I enjoy rubbing the leaves of the herbs while I'm watering them. The herbs come indoors for the winter, where I continue to enjoy them long after the rest of the garden has gone dormant.

"It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care of themselves." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Here's a list of our most fragrant flower seeds.

Fragrant Flower Seeds

Alyssum -- Masses of tiny white, pink or purple flowers with a light, sweet fragrance. Easy-to-grow annual.

Carnation 'Chabaud Mix' -- Beautiful, double flowers with a sweet and spicy fragrance.

Four O'Clock -- Sweetly fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in a range of colors.

Fragrant Persian Stonecress -- Pink flowers with a cotton candy fragrance. Drought-tolerant perennial.

Gilia tricolor -- Annual wildflower with delicate, lilac and white, trumpet-shaped flowers that smell like chocolate. Easy to grow from seed.

Hesperis matronalis -- Sweetly fragrant, violet or white flowers. Self-sowing perennial. Easy to grow from seed.

Lunaria annua -- Fragrant, purple flowers followed by showy seed pods. Shade-tolerant biennial.

Missouri Evening Primrose -- Lightly fragrant, large yellow flowers. Perennial.

Moonflower Vine (Ipomoea alba) -- Huge, 6" wide, pure white flowers with a sweet fragrance. Night-blooming, annual vine. Tender perennial in zones 8-11.

Nicotiana alata (Jasmine Tobacco) -- Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers. Annual.

Night Scented Stock -- Heirloom annual with a light, sweet fragrance.

Penstemon palmeri -- Large, light pink flowers that smell like grapes. Drought-tolerant, native perennial.

Petunia 'Laura Bush Mix' -- Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers on trailing plants. Easy to grow from seed.

Phlox drummondii -- Native annual with lightly fragrant flowers in shades of pink, red, rose, magenta and white.

Rudbeckia subtomentosa (Sweet Black-Eyed Susan) -- 3" butter-yellow daisies with dark brown centers. Anise-like fragrance.

Siberian Wallflower -- Lightly fragrant, bright orange flowers in late spring.

Sweet Pea -- The powerful fragrance can be smelled from several feet away.

Sweet William -- Crimson, pink, white or bicolor flowers with a spicy fragrance.

Virginia Stock -- Sweetly fragrant, small flowers in pink, purple and white. Quick to bloom from seed.

Yellow Columbine -- Delicate, honeysuckle fragrance. A rare aquilegia species.

Herb Seeds with Fragrant Foliage

Anise Hyssop -- Licorice-mint flavored leaves for tea. Lavender-blue flowers.

Basil -- Highly fragrant herb for cooking and ornamental gardens.

English Thyme -- Fragrant herb for cooking or potpourri. Pinkish-white flowers. Drought-tolerant perennial.

Greek Oregano -- The pizza herb. Yummy fragrance. Spreading perennial.

Lavender -- Fragrant flowers and foliage. Good for potpourri.

Lemon Balm -- Strong, lemon fragrance. Nice for teas. Has a sedative effect. Easy to grow from seed.

Lemon Beebalm -- The crushed leaves have a mild, citrus fragrance. The lavender-pink flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) -- Spicy herb for poultry seasoning. Lavender flowers.

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