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Campanula rotundifolia is a beautiful wildflower with violet-blue, bell-shaped flowers from June to September. The short, spreading plants looks lovely in the border, rock garden or wildflower garden. I plant them around the base of roses.

Campanula rotundifolia is drought tolerant, and it prefers well-drained soil. It self-sows in moderation.

Also known as Scottish Harebell and Fairy Thimbles. Seeds require 5 weeks cold-moist stratification. Hardy in zones 3-9.

height 12"  spacing 12"    

Campanula medium
Campanula medium 'Single Mix'
(Canterbury Bells)

350 seeds   $2.00 
Canterbury Bells is an old-fashioned biennial that blooms in early summer with large, bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink, purple and white. Great for cutting. This heirloom flower has been loved by many generations of gardeners.

Campanula medium blooms the second year from seed. When it's done flowering, pull up the dying plants and shake the seeds over the area where you want them to grow next year. Hardy in zones 5-8.

height 30"  spacing 12"                 

Campanula Seeds

Campanula, also known as bellflower, is a genre of plants that includes biennials and perennials with bell-shaped flowers.

Sowing Campanula Seeds

Start campanula seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last frost date. Sow on the surface. Full sun to part shade. Some species require cold-moist stratification.

Campanula persicifolia Telham Beauty
Campanula 'Telham Beauty'
(Blue Peach-leaved Bellflower)

1200 seeds   $2.50
Campanula 'Telham Beauty' blooms in early summer with beautiful, china-blue flowers. This slowly-spreading perennial can be divided every 2-3 years, if desired. It also self sows.

Campanula persicifolia 'Telham Beauty' is a lovely companion plant for roses, dianthus, foxglove and poppies. Also known as Peach-leaf Bellflower. Hardy in zones 3-8.

height 30"  spacing 15"

Campanula persicifolia Alba
Campanula persicifolia Alba
(White Peach-leaved Bellflower)

600 seeds   $2.50
This is the white form of Campanula persicifolia. It is an elegant perennial that blooms in early summer with tall stems of pure white, bell-shaped flowers.

Campanula persicifolia Alba goes beautifully with nearly everything in the garden. White flowers make good companion plants for pastel-colored flowers. The contrast makes the pastels pop. Deer resistant. Hardy in zones 3-8.

height 30"  spacing 15"

Campanula americana
Campanula americana
(American Bellflower)

600 seeds   $2.25 
Campanula americana is a native wildflower with blue-green leaves and very tall stems of violet-blue flowers from July to October. The 1" wide flowers have five petals, and they are flat, rather than bell-shaped like most campanula species. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Campanula americana is a biennial that self sows prolifically to replace itself. Plant it at the back of the border or wildflower garden with other tall perennials and shrubs that won't be overwhelmed by it. I enjoy it with Chinese trumpet lilies, which bloom around the same time.

Campanula americana prefers average to moist soil and part sun to full shade. Also known as Tall Bellflower and Campanula americanum. Seeds require 4 weeks cold-moist stratification. Hardy in zones 3-8.

height 3-5'  spacing 15"

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Campanula carpatica
Campanula carpatica Blue
(Tussock Bellflower)

1200 seeds   $2.25 
Campanula carpatica is a gem for the partly-shaded rock garden or woodland garden. It blooms in mid summer with lavender-blue, cup-shaped flowers over low mounds of foliage.

I like this wild strain of Campanula carpatica better than the more compact "improved" varieties because the flowers look graceful on taller stems. Also known as Blue Tussock Bellflower. Hardy in zones 3-8.

height 12"  spacing 12"

Campanula glomerata Superba
Campanula glomerata 'Superba'
(Clustered Bellflower)

100 seeds   $2.50 
Campanula glomerata 'Superba' is a reliable, spreading perennial that blooms in early summer. The stems are topped with dense clusters of rich violet-blue, bell-shaped flowers. It may repeat bloom if cut back after the first flush is over.

Campanula glomerata 'Superba' makes an excellent, long-lasting cut flower. It goes well with many other flowers in the garden or the vase. It's a wonderful companion plant for roses. Shown here with California poppy 'Mission Bells'.

Also known as Campanula glomerata var. superba. Hardy in zones 3-8.

height 28"  spacing 24"

Campanula rotundifolia
Campanula rotundifolia
(Bluebells of Scotland)

800 seeds   $2.25 
Campanula latifolia Brantwood
Campanula 'Brantwood'
(Greater Bellflower)

300 seeds   $3.00 
Campanula latifolia 'Brantwood' blooms in June with large, violet-blue bells on tall stems. This bellflower is easy to grow, and it blooms the first year from seed. It's a long-lived, well-behaved perennial in my garden.

Campanula 'Brantwood' is a nice companion plant for roses. I like to combine it with Digitalis lutea and Dianthus carthusianorum. Also called Large Flowered Bellflower. Hardy in zones 3-9.

height 36"  spacing 18"

Campanula latifolia Alba
(White Greater Bellflower)

300 seeds   $2.75 
Campanula latifolia Alba blooms in June with large white bells on tall stems. It goes with practically everything in the garden.

White Greater Bellflower looks especially nice in the cottage garden with roses and June-blooming perennials. The large white flowers stand out beautifully in shady areas and woodlands.

Also known as Campanula latifolia var. macrantha 'Alba'. Hardy in zones 3-9.

height 36"  spacing 18"

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